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extractcrystal copyMaking money is not hard at all. However knowing how to make money is something that we can all use.  One of the greatest thing about the internet is that it allows us to resell anything literally anything.  Everyone has a website or something that has to be hosted someone where on the internet. I like to call it Internet Real Estate.  Unlike housing real-estate there is an unlimited amount of space available on the web.  Some people are effective and some people are not effective.  Your effectiveness is going to depend on if you are a go getter type of person.

Reselling is not for the faint at heart cause indeed it does take marketing effort on your  end. However and presenting a quality product that your client can not resist.  How much you put into it is going to depend on how much your going to see on your return. Honestly I would say before you get your feet wet in the reselling industry have some type of add on that you will be able to offer your client. Because honestly that is where your going to  make your money is the add-on’s. For example in hosting you offer a hosting from $5 bucks right  that’s five dollars a month. How can you upsell your customer were at least get $50-100 a month from one client. Offer website maintenance  for $50 bucks a month now we go from $5 a month t0 $55. By maintaining and updates to the website you have a client at $55 dollars a month vs $5 dollars a month. How do we make  money on sign up again its going to be in the upgrades.

Client comes and ask you hey I have  need web site hosting. Of course your going to ask the client questions.  What type of site will you be hosting because as a reseller with yeswebsite hosting you have tons of scripts to design a website. So depending on what type of site they will be hosting you start there. Ask do they need a designer to design their website?  All these open ended questions can convert your $5-10 a month.  However many will not tell you the industry how it runs. However I just gave you an example on how to make money just off website hosting. Because hosting alone will not make you as much coins.

Building websites are easy in our reseller program we train all our resellers how to make the most of their resources. Because we set you in  a position to be your own boss work on your own time accordingly.  The moment you make your first 1k off hosting is going to be your first 5-10 client adding 1k to your income is great. However it’s more than possible and the way you get creative is going to determined your success in the hosting industry.


I gave you that information as a freebie.  Wether you Join our Reseller hosting or program or somEone else. However here are all the Products that we offer for Reselling.


Website Build

Logo Design

Website Hosting




Internet Radio

Internet Tv


Domain Registar

Larg Format printing

Business Cards


Car Wraps

Banner Stands

and much more

In Reselling we do not collect one penny from your client you collect all your own money however you pay us accordingly.

If you interested in getting into reselling contact us at lets talk about it the investment is small  the profit is great.




For example to do a logo we may charge you $50 dollars however you can charge your client between 100 and up depending on what ever your profit margin is.

We may charge you  100 for a website you can charge your client between 200-1000 thats up to you to determine your profit. I know you may be kind of apprehensive about it I was too when I begin my career in hosting. However it was one of the most best decision I made.

You can start with one product or jump right on in it. Again once you have an add on service that you can add on to the product you will see your profit go through the roof.


Below Starting Cost


Website Hosting –  $50 a month unlimited accounts Created

Internet Radio – Starting at $50 a month

Internet TV – Starting at $100 a month

Domain Registar- Starting at $ 10 a year to get access to the domain Registar

Print Shop Access- $10 a month to get access to the wholesale pricing. Access code changes monthly.

you drop ship to whoever you want.


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